The DFE Process redefines how coffee is decaffeinated. One taste and you will agree that your decaf will never be the same and the process is environmentally friendly by design.

Many claim to have the best process. However, only our proprietary DFE Process ® proves it time after time in the cup.

While others have been dreaming about making a better decaf, we have developed the technology that makes it a reality.

Our environmentally conscious process produces a rich, vibrant and well balanced decaffeinated coffee that can only be described as “Delicious”.

Decaf Fund for Kids

"We are proud to donate money on your behalf to our QUSAC Kids Fund for every pound of coffee listed in the Showcased Decaf section."

"You, the consumer, drive our donations to the Fund. When you purchase one of our sponsored products you bring hope to kid's who need our help."

"Click our QUSAC Kids Fund logo to learn more..."

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